DIY Sensory Table

Over the summer I decided that I wanted a sensory table for LJ and his friends. I shopped around and couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for or in the price range I wanted. My husband had extra some 2x4s in the shed and suggested using them to make our own sensory table.  So we did.


I started by picking out an under the bed storage container with a lid.

IMG_8584 IMG_8586

My wonderful husband built a basic frame just big enough for the bin to sit in without falling through.

IMG_8590 IMG_8588 IMG_8587

We attached 4 legs to the outside corners of the frame, making it tall enough  for LJ to comfortably reach into it while standing up.

The next step was important! Sanding the whole thing down REALLY well, especially around the corners to round them out a little, and making sure all the nails were pounded in far enough to prevent any ouchies.


I picked out a bright blue paint to match his big sandbox.

Later, I also added hooks to the outside of the frame to hang the shovels.

What I like most about this sensory table is that I can take the bin out of the frame to wash it, replace it with a new one if I need to (which I already had to do once), and put the lid on when LJ’s not using it.

IMG_8680  IMG_8676

Thanks for reading! 🙂